Strategic Financial Consulting:
  • Exit & Transition Planning
  • Financial Review
  • Financing
  • Strategic Planning

Fountainhead Services® supports the Entrepreneur through understanding the organization's financial requirements and resources to establish "real world" implementable strategies to create long run value in a cost-effective, project based manner.

Running a business today is extremely complicated.  Typically Entrepreneurs are extremely focused on understanding customer requirements, sales, and operations.  Few feel the time they would have to spend to become financial experts would be well spent relative to investing that time to growing their business through sales or operational improvements.  With sales of less than $200 million, frequently they do not feel the expense and impact to their existing staff warrant a full time "Fortune 500" class CFO, but want that expertise for limited projects such as setting up a long run, cost effective financing structure; facilitating strategic planning wtih a focus on clearly defined financial objectives and contingencies; or obtaining a high level evaluation of their critical existing financial processes and personnel.  Since its founding in 2002, Fountainhead Services® meets those needs with proven, experienced, and practical staff with a commitment to confidentiality.